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You'll have to forgive my sarcasm when describing these areas, but after logging some fifteen hours crawling through these corridors, the game's flaws become stunningly more apparent. Click on any of the screenshots to get a larger view.

Prelude to the Dark Abyss - Castle Entrance

At the beginning, the Prelude serves mostly as a tutorial to learn Leon's moves. Outside the castle is Rinaldo's hut, and you'll find the level selection hub here as well.

Music: Prelude to the Dark Abyss

House of Sacred Remains

This is the fancy name for the church. And despite the awesome music, this level is pretty much marble hallway after marble hallway, with a few small chapels thrown in there. The main puzzle is to track down the three switches to open the gate to the basement, where you'll fight the Undead Parasite.

Music: House of Sacred Remains and Statues Born of Darkness

Garden Forgotten by Time

Other than a few rooms near the end, this barely looks like a garden - just your standard castle decor with some vegetation growing here and there. That being said, there's more switches to hit. The first set are easy to find and open the door to the boss, the Medusa. The second set lead to the hidden Red Phoenix key, which you're going to want to get.

Music: Garden Forgotten by Time and Fog Enshrouded Nightscape

Anti-Soul Mysteries Lab

Just what an anti-soul is, I have no clue, but I guess this lab is devoted to uncovering the mystery of it. There are some nifty contraptions and rooms that look like libraries, and I still wonder why IGA claimed there wouldn't be a clock tower because it's not historically accurate but still have a moving platform. You're main objective is to complete a small platforming challenge to get the "E" stone, and use it at the "meth" tablet to awaken the Golem.

Music: Anti-Soul Mysteries Lab

Ghostly Theatre

This is probably my favorite level, if only because the rooms that repeat here at least look different than the rooms that repeat in all the other levels. Its wood and carpet design is also a nice change a pace. You'll encounter a few rooms with the classic bone pillars, who won't breath lasers if you're facing them, leading to some barely-puzzles (remember that Leon can sidestep when he's blocking.) The major task is to find the bell and use it the theatre to awaken the Succubus.

Music: Ghostly Theatre

Dark Palace of Waterfalls

The enslaved vampire Joachim is the master of this "palace" - which is vaguely amusing, considering these are more like sewers. You'll need to shut off the water flow and raise the bridge before you can reach the master's chamber, but not after fighting through the usual dull corridors - which at least have nifty water effects. There are also weird Skull Ride minigames here, where you stand on a platform and go on a roller coaster ride, avoiding spike balls and grabbing money.

Music: Dark Palace of Waterfalls

Pagoda of the Misty Moon

The first time you enter this area, you'll come across the biggest plot point in the game, and also get your Vampire Killer whip. And if the screenshots look dark and uninteresting - well, that's because this whole area is dark and uninteresting. For being the last level, you'd barely know it by its design, although there are a lot of rather difficult enemies. After refighting the Doppelganger on the first floor, you're allowed onto the second flight, where you must retrieve the VI stone, flip it into the IV stone with the proper mechanism, and retrive the crest that opens the door to the final battle.

Music: Pagoda of the Misty Moon and Lament of Innocence - Leon's Theme

Prison of Eternal Torture

The entrance to this level is right by the stage selection hub, although you can't really enter it until you get the Unlock Jewel from the Pagoda. Inside is the Forgotten One, the rather difficult hidden boss that will relinquish the Black Orb if you manage to beat him. Get your old school skillz ready, because you'll need them.

Music: Prison of Eternal Torture

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