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Lament of Innocence Weirdness

In order to promote Castlevania: Lament of Innocence in Japan, Konami hired Japanese pop singer SONIM to don Leon Belmont's outfit and appear in a TV commercial, as part of their "Whip of Love" campain. This may seem a little...bizarre, and as this moment, I cannot offer a justifiable explanation to this phenomenon. However, all it takes is one click on the picture to the far right to observe SONIM's hotness, and almost all is forgiven. You can also listen to one of her more popular songs, Curry Rice Woman to get an idea of the type of music she sings. There's no word whether her music will actually appear in the game, but J-Pop wouldn't be any more out of place than I Am the Wind was.

In the room where you fight the Golem, there's an Ouroborous carved into the floor - the snake who is eating its tail.

Some people have called me insane, but take a look at the portrait behind Walter's throne. It bears a slight resemblance Sierra, the vampire lady from Konami's Suikoden series. While the face is substantially different, the rest of the characteristics are similar - the hair style, the light hair color, headband, and cloak. It's a bit of a stretch, but it's too close for it to be entirely coincidence.

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