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Clock Tower - The Gears

In the Clock Tower, there are two adjacent towers filled with gears. You'll notice four special gears in the ways spread in these two rooms. When you hit them, it usually makes a grinding sound, but after enough whacks and it will make a clicking noise. Activate all four gears through this method, though with all of the medusa heads flying around, this can be somewhat difficult. Make sure not to hit them too many times and you'll reset it. This will open a hidden passage in the lower-left room - this is the same room where Annette was hidden in the PC Engine Dracula X.

Entrance - The Hallway

This is a weird one. First, you have to destroy both ends of that gigantic rock in the Entrance hallway. Then, as the wolf, run back and forth through the openings. Do this again in the bat form. Apparently this triggers the wall in the lower-left corner to open. You'll find some goodies in there.

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