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According to Bmecoli's script dump on GameFAQs, there is a hidden dialogue between Julius and Hammer that seems to hit that Hammer was meant to be playable. Too bad, he would've been kinda cool. The dialogue goes like this:

Julius : You. Why are you here?
Hammer: Why? I'm here for Soma! My man's in trouble, I tell ya!
Julius: But it's of no concern to you.
Hammer: Heck yeah, it is! Soma's my pal, after all. Laying his life on the line for a pal... That's what a man does.
Julius : Wrong. An ordinary human is no match for a foe like this. Being a man has nothing to do with it.
Hammer: Hey, bud, I served in the military! I know weapons a whole lot better than you! And I'd like to think I've got enough sense to retreat if it gets too crazy.
Julius : Fine, then. But if you ever fear for your life, get out immediately, understood?
Hammer: Loud and clear. You have my word.

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