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Lost Village

The Lost Village (know as "The Village That Disappeared From the Map" in the Japanese version) is one of the few levels that reveals Dawn's slightly futuristic roots. Amidst the snowy forest is a village, complete with snow covered vans. This is where Yoko and Hammer reside.

Wizardy Lab

A variation on the Alchemy Lab, I suppose. There doesn't appear to be anything particularly "magical" about this area though.

Garden of Madness

The Garden of Madness is much like the garden area from Lament of Innocence - cold, dank, and overgrown with vegetation. There's a sealed room here that can only be opened near the end of the game

Demon Guest House

One of the most original levels in Dawn of Sorrow is the Demon Guest House. Filled with demonic clowns and other grinning, maniacal creatures, there's also a weird sliding tile puzzle that alters the arrangement of some moving rooms.

Subterranean Hell

Your standard, underground, water-filled region. Look closely at the background and you can almost make out creepy human-like figures in the rock. Maybe. Or it could be my imagination.

Dark Chapel

It's a chapel.

Condemned Tower

I prefer the Japanese name, "The Tower of Sinners". This primarily vertical level is meant to be a prison, complete with a coliseum at the top.

Cursed Clock Tower

It's a clock tower. Once again, there's not much to say, although you fight the Zephyr here instead of the standard Grim Reaper.

Silenced Ruins

A recreation of the first level of the original Castlevania, complete with the same music. Except the stage is kinda falling apart.

The Pinnacle

Pretty much the equivalent of the Top Floor from Aria of Sorrow, the Pinnacle holds some of the most difficult monsters in the castle.

Mine of Judgment

This would be a fairly boring area, except for the return of Slogra and Gaibon, whose fossils can also be found in the rocks.

The Abyss

The true final stage, The Abyss is hell. The initial areas have the standard flames. Others are bathed in cold, blue fire. Still other sections have wood paneling with strange, black columns that almost resemble large bugs. Some of it's downright creepy, and it's easily the coolest part of Dawn of Sorrow.

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