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Ending #1

This ending occurs if you beat Dario without going into the mirror to fight Aguni

Soma: I cut off the power from the dark side using a Magic Seal. Give up. It's over...
Dario: B-But...
Genya: Get away from him, Soma!

(Dario begins to explode)

Dario Bossi: Nooooooooooo!

(Arikado enters)

Genya: He couldn't resist the demon that had fused with his soul.
Soma: You're saying he lost to the demon's power?
Genya: He perhaps could have been saved if the demon was cut free from his soul, but... Don't let it concern you. That's just what happens when you let your hunger for power overwhelm you.
Soma: ...Arikado... What became of Celia? Genya: I'm sorry... We have units tracking her whereabouts now.
Soma Cruz: Hmm... So we're done here. Let's get out of here.

(Soma and Genya leave the castle. Soma crouches over in pain.)

Soma: Ungh...
Genya: What's wrong, Soma?
Soma: N-Nothing. I just felt something odd for a moment.
Genya: Hmm... Did anything strange happen in the castle?
Soma: No, nothing... Wait! Come to think of it, when I fought Dmitrii, there was something weird.
Genya: Go on.
Soma: I never finished him off. But he died anyway. And that's when I felt something enter a soul under domination.
Genya: ... We'll have to investigate. Come, we'll meet with Yoko right away and head for the Church.
Soma: Is something happening to me?
Genya: I don't know, but we'll know soon enough.

(Credits roll)

Ending #2

This ending occurs if you go into the center room of the castle without wearing the pendant. Mina is disabled and hanging in the center of the room. Celia is close by)

Soma: Huh?! Mina!!
Mina: Soma!
Celia: Soma. Behold, the last moments of your loved one's life.
Soma: Wait! Stop!!
(Soma attempts to stop Celia, but she casts a spell which pierces Mina)

Mina: S-Soma...

(Mina dies)

Mina: ...

(Soma gets enraged)

Soma: Mina!!
Soma: You...You heartless wench...
Celia : It certainly wasn't easy spiriting her away. Go ahead. Hate me. You hate me enough to wish death upon me, don't you?
Soma: You... You'll pay for this...
Celia: The power of chaos is gathering... I was right. Now hate me more. When your hatred peaks, the new dark lord shall emerge. Soma: If it means getting Mina's revenge, I'll do it. Make me the dark lord. Mina, forgive me... I can't honor your wish...

(The chaos power in Soma begins to swell)

Celia: It's coming... The birth of the new dark lord!

(Soma attacks Celia)

Celia: Wh-Why? I brought you back into this world...
Soma: Shut up. You annoy me. That's all the reason I need. Besides, the petty little humans will die off soon enough. Your turn came a little earlier, that's all. Hahahahaha.

(The view changes to outside the castle.)

Julius: So... Soma has become the dark lord. I have no other choice... The battles of the past are to be waged once again...
Genya: I had assumed that he would have equipped the talisman from Mina... It would have protected him. But alas, I will have to unleash my power...

(Credits roll. This will also unlock Julius Mode)

Ending #3

This ending occurs when you beat Menace in the Abyss. This is the "best" ending.

(After striking the final blow, Soma absorbs a large amount of dark energy.)

Soma: I...

(Camera pans to Menace)

Soma: I...

(Camera pans to Mina)

Soma: Stop!

(Soma release all of the dark energy. The castle begins to crumble. Genya appears.)

Genya: What are you doing? This place won't hold. We have to get out.

(The two leave the castle as it falls apart, Castlevania-style.)

Genya: It's finally over. We're finished here. Let's go.
Soma: ...
Genya: Soma, what's wrong?
Soma: Tell me. Just what is the dark lord?
Genya: What Celia told you wasn't necessarily wrong. The dark lord is the entity opposite to god.
Soma: Then that means there will always be a need for a dark lord. All because I ducked out from becoming the next in line!
Genya: Don't misconstrue me! Perhaps there is a need for the dark lord... But there is no reason at all for you to become the dark lord.
Soma: But if it weren't for me, none of this would have happened!
Genya: You're neither a god nor a demon. You're only human. You have no chance at ever achieving perfection. Or are you saying you want to be the dark lord?
Soma: No... Of course not.
Genya: Then stay true to that. Look.
Genya: There are people waiting for you. Don't break their hearts.
Soma: Everyone...
Julius: You kept your promise.
Yoko: Welcome back, Soma.
Hammer: Looks like you're all done! Your face says it all.
Soma: Arikado... You're right...

(Mina walks into view.)

Soma: Mina! What are you doing here?
Mina: What do you mean? I was so worried... Soma: Oh, Mina, I'm sorry. Don't cry.
Mina: Gotcha! Welcome back, Soma.
Julius: Poor Soma. She'll have you wrapped around her finger.
Yoko: Oh, without a doubt.
Hammer: I'd like to be wrapped around Yoko's finger...
Soma: Wh-What are you saying? We're not like that!

(Everyone laughes)

Mina: Th-That's right!
Julius: No need to be bashful, you two.

(The view pans to Arikado standing alone.)

Genya: If the world needs a dark lord, it will emerge. Even if it's not you, Soma...

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