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Intro to Dawn of Sorrow


Since the solar eclipse of 2035, my life has never been the same. It was then that I realized that I, Soma Cruz, am the rebirth of Dracula... It was in his castle that I learned the truth... That I possessed the power to seize the souls of my enemies. That evil power almost engulfed me, but my friends pulled me from the brink. About a year has passed since then, and I thought my troubles were over...

(Soma and Mina are standing together in town.)

Mina: Ha ha! Are you serious?
Soma: Yeah, and that's when Hammer decided to--
Mina: Wait... Soma, can I ask you something?
Soma: Yeah, of course, Mina. What's wrong?
Mina: It's been a year since it all happened, hasn't it?
Soma: Yeah, just about.
Mina: And what was it called? You know, the ability to use the power of monsters?
Soma: You mean the power of dominance? I lost it when we escaped Dracula's Castle, remember?
Mina: I know, but... It's just that I get this terrible feeling inside...
Soma: It's probably nothing... Look, don't worry, okay? This past year, I haven't been able to use any of the powers I gained. And--

(A mysterious woman appears. Mina hides behind Soma)

???: You... You're Soma, aren't you?
Soma: Uh... Yeah... And you are?
???: You may call me Celia.

(Celia points at Soma)

Celia: But not for long...Come forth, my servants!

(Celia summons a skeleton)

Soma: What?! Mina, get back!

(Mina retreats)

Soma: Damn it! Of all the worst--
???: Soma! You back off, too!
(A familiar figure appears. It's Genya Arikado.)

Mina: Mr. Arikado!
Celia: Genya Arikado, the guardian?! Hmph! You shall not interfere!

Celia creates a barrier)

Genya: A barrier! Quick, Soma! Use this!

(Arikado tosses a knife towards Soma, your first weapon. Celia then summons three monsters. Upon killing them, you'll get your first souls)

Celia: Soma, I shall see your demise. That is certain. Using whatever means...

(Celia teleports away)

Soma: Wait!
Genya: Save your energy. You won't catch her now.
Soma: Damn it!
Mina: Soma, are you all right?
Soma: Yeah, I'm fine. But that power... It returned! Arikado, what's going on?
Genya: The power didn't "return." It was always with you. You just never had a need for it since you fled the castle. And that set free all the souls that you had gained dominance over.
Soma: You mean I couldn't use the power because I was never in any danger? Hmm. Anyway, who was that woman? She seemed to know you.
Genya: Celia Fortner. She's the priestess of a new and rapidly growing cult. We suspected she was up to something, so we've been keeping tabs on her.
Mina: But why would someone like that come after Soma?
Genya: They want to resurrect the lord of darkness. Like some sought to do with Dracula.
Soma: I guess they don't like the fact that I didn't become the "lord of darkness."
Genya: Not only that, they intend to create a new lord by eliminating you.
Mina: E-Eliminating?
Genya: But Soma, you don't need to get any more involved with this. Let us deal with it.
(Arikado leaves)

Soma: That woman... She said she would "see my demise."
(Soma looks at Mina)

Mina: Soma...

(The screen fades out...)

Several days later...

Soma: So, the cult's base is here. Hammer's info wasn't so iffy after all.
???: Gahaha! You doubted my word?!

(Hammer shows up trailing Soma)

Soma: H-Hammer? What are you doing here?
Hammer: What, are ya dense? Who told ya 'bout this place? Wait, it was me.
Soma: Well, yeah, but...
Hammer: Hey, you got your mind on doin' somethin' wicked, huh? I want in, buddy. And, hey, what happened to that pretty little lady? You remember, right?
Soma: You mean Yoko? She's not coming. In fact, I haven't told a soul.

(Hammer looks disappointed)

Hammer: Huh? She ain't comin'? Well, why not?! Aw, man... Well, since I'm here, I'd better make the best of it. I guess I'm back in business, and you're my customer!
Soma: Hammer, look, I'm saying this for your own good. You really should leave.
Hammer: Can't do that, I'm afraid. I know when someone's in trouble and I'm not just gonna leave ya here.
Soma: Okay... I appreciate it.
Hammer: I'll scope out the area and find a spot to set up shop. See ya around!

(Hammer begins to walk away, but then pauses)

Hammer: Man, why wouldn't he just tell her about this...?

(Hammer leaves)

Soma: ...

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